Health Stats


Borderlane Dogs


Bringelly Rose CL&CEA DNA/Carrier TNS /両親Clear. Hip 4:3=7
God Save The Queen CEA& CL& TNS/両親Clear. Hip 5:6=11
Hampshire Rose CEA: DNA/Carrier CL&TNS/両親Clear. Hip 5:7=12
Soul Kiss CEA:DNA/Carrier. CL&TNS/両親Clear. Hip 8:5=13
Moon Goddess CEA/両親Clear. CL/両親Clear. 両親TNS/Clear. Hip 0:0=0
Moon Tracer CEA/Carrier CL/両親Clear. 両親TNS/Clear. Hip 4:5=9
Pray Forever CEA/両親Clear.CL/両親Clear.TNS/両親Clear.Hip5:6=11
Progressive Era CEA/DNACarrier.CL/DNAClear.TNS/DNAClear.Hip2:3=5
Royal Embrem CEA/両親Clear. CL/両親Clear. TNS/両親Clear. Hip3:4=7
Scene Stealer CEA/検査中 CL/両親Clear. 両親TNS/Clear. Hip
Talk To Me CEA/両親Clear. CL/両親Clear. TNS/両親Clear. Hip 3:3=6
Tequira Sunrise CEA DNA/Carrier CL,TNS 両親Clear. Hip 4:7=11
Time Forever CEA/DNA Carrier. CL/両親Clear. TNS/Clear. Hip 4:4=8
World Beater CEA/両親Clear.CL:DNA/Clear. TNS/両親Clear.Hip3:6=9
World End Super Nova CEA:DNA/Clear. CL/両親Clear. TNS/両親Clear.Hip6:1=7
Wymondham Rose CEA/DNA Carrier. CL/Clear. TNS/Clear. Hip 4:4=8

Other Kennel Dogs


Duke Sky of Precious Fortune CEA/Carrier CL/Clear TNS/Clear Hip 0:0=0
Nahrof More Than Words CEA/Clear CL/Carrier TNS/Clear Hip 0:0=0
Nahrof Spirit World CEA/Clear CL/Clear TNS/Clear Hip 0:0=0
True Horizon jp Ocean Prince CEA/Clear CL/Clear TNS/Clear Hip 1:2=3

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